Mobile Roaming Fees Will End By 2017 In Europe

Roaming Europe
The original plan to abolish roaming fees in Europe was supposed to come into force in 2016, now the European Parliament has set a date for when European roaming fees will end.
From the 15th of June 2017, when you travel in Europe you will not be charged any extra fees for your calls, texts and data usage.
There will also be an interim cap which comes into place on the 30th of April 2016, you will be charged an extra €0.05 per minute for calls, €0.0.2 per text message sent and €0.005 per MB of data.
This will put an end to those high bills that many people have experienced when travelling within Europe and from 2017 there will be not extra fees to pay, you will just pay what you normally pay for your calls, texts and data.