Samsung Sells 83 Million Smartphones In Quarter 3

Samsung Galaxy
Samsung just announced its latest financial results for Q3 and now we have some details how many smartphones the company sold for the quarter.
According to a recent report, Samsung sold a total of 83.8 million smartphones for the quarter, this compares to 38 million sold by Apple for the same quarter.
Samsung’s sales of 83.8 million smartphones makes up 23.7 percent of the global smartphone market for the quarter, Apple had 13.6 percent of the global market for smartphones sales for the Samsung quarter.
Samsung has apparently seen good sales of its mid range devices like the Galaxy A8 as well as it high end devices like the Galaxy S6 and Note 5.
In third place was Huawei with 26.7 million units sold, in fourth was Lenovo with 18.8 million devices and in fifth was Xiaomi with 17.8 million handsets sold.