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When we talk about something being “powerful” we are talking about the energy that an entity emits. Energy is usually unseen, but we see its effects in the way people or things move and get things done.  A great acting performance can be seen as “powerful” because of the energy the actor gives off onstage. The same can be said of speakers or singers who have a “magnetic” presence, as their positive energy acts like a magnetic field around them, attracting in others.

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Since electrical energy was first harnessed by Edison with the first light bulb, we’ve been able to witness this type of energy in a physical way. Electricity gives us the light in our homes, and the invention of the light bulb of course has lead to many other amazing inventions, and inventions that have spun off of other inventions and on down the line. From the light bulb then came other home electricity systems, then the microwave oven and then communication devices like television, radio, the Internet and offshoots like a broadband power divider. It’s intriguing to see how much one breakthrough invention has led to the digital revolution we live in today.

Staying Positive

When we think of how much one invention can change the world, it’s important to realize how  significant the use of energy is in our everyday lives. As people, we actually do contain electrical energy, and our positive energy vibrations make a difference in what we do and how we communicate with others. Staying positive lifts up the vibrations in our systems and helps up to raise those vibrations in the people and the world around us. It’s all rather like turning on that light switch, and sharing light with everyone around us.

Just as Edison changed the world by flipping on that first light switch, we can change the world by letting our personal energy stay positive and giving.