The New Avocado Menu At The Foodhall Will Make You See the Superfood In A Whole New Avatar

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The New Avocado Menu At The Foodhall Will Make You See the Superfood In A Whole New Avatar

  • Avocado is very popular among fitness enthusiasts
  • The new avocado menu by The Cafe at Foodhall will take you by surprise
  • Avocado is incredibly versatile

There must be something about avocados that the world cannot stop gushing about it. The superfood is known to keep your heart healthy. Since it is rich in healthy fats, it helps keep your skin supple. The antioxidants in the creamy fruit helps keep ageing at bay. The high potassium content in avocado helps keep your blood pressure levels stable. According to experts, the high fibre content of avocados could also help you lose extra kilos. The creamy and natural tang of the fruit makes it one of our most favourite fruits of all times, and if you are a fan too, then you must head to Foodhall this summer. The Cafe by Foodhall outlets across Delhi-NCR has an interesting avocado menu that is sure to take you by surprise. Until now you had seen avocados in salads and dips, but this innovative menu at The Cafe by Foodhall unleashes the versatility of the fruit like never before. By incorporating avocado in drinks, snacks, mains and desserts, they have curated a menu of nine dishes. Here is a low-down on what we felt about the menu.

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We started out with avo-colada. The cooler is an ideal way to beat the heat. It is a very rich and thick concoction of avocados, pineapple, coconut milk and mint. For people who are not looking for something so dense, you may want to skip this. If you do not have a penchant for coconut milk, this drink is not for you either. Next up on our table was the crispy miso guac, which was essentially a guacamole but with flavoursome additions of white miso, scallions, lime, cilantro and sesame oil. It is served with a bunch of rice crackers/nachos. The wholesome snack works so well together that we even asked for a second helping! Another stellar offering of the menu were the avo fries. Avocado wedges, dressed in a tempura mix, crushed pepper, lime juice, served with a lip-smacking peri-peri dip. We also tried the avo-Yuzu; Chef told us that this particular dish is inspired from Japan. Half cut avocados deseeded and dressed with sesame Yuzu dressing, scallions, and togarishi, may seem a little bland to few. We wish there was one distinct flavour that could lift this dish up.

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Next, we tried the avo brunch. A filling and sumptuous dish with toasted breads served with avocado spread, poached eggs, sun-dried tomatoes, pesto, feta, grilled tomatoes and hash browns.

If you love rice bowls, you have to try their avo curry with jasmine rice. Perfectly cooked jasmine-flavoured rice, served with a soothing and flavoursome yellow coconut curry teeming with the goodness of avocados, baby eggplant, scallions, long beans, yellow curry, mung sprouts and lime. Comforting and warm, this yellow curry is sure to stay with you long after you have left.