Why Recycling Electronics is Good for Your Business

You may need to find e-waste recycling Toronto in order to comply with local environmental laws restricting the items that you place in trash. Or, perhaps you have read an article about how computers harm the environment. Your choice to recycle e-waste could help your business bottom line in three ways.

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Reduce Trash Removal Costs

Many business pay for trash removal based on the load. If you implement a solid recycling program and divert your waste away from the landfill, you reduce your trash bill. In addition, part of the recycling process, depending on the provider, includes shredding of hard drives. This helps to ensure that your data do not fall into the wrong hands. If you trash these items, your employees will need to spend time wiping hard drives.

Improve Corporate Brand Image

If you incorporate environmental initiatives such as recycling into your business, your customers will flock to work with you. You will also attract socially conscious employees who want to feel good about where they work. Be sure to advertise your initiatives on your website and to your customers, so that they know about your good deeds. A good copywriter can describe your environmental efforts in emotional terms that resonate with customers who otherwise would shop a competitor.

Bring Customers Into Your Store

Many municipalities do not include e-waste in their curbside recycling pickup programs. Therefore, for many customers, getting rid of an old computer or printer can be a great hassle. The items pile up in a garage until the government advertises a special collection day. If you offer free recycling to the public for their electronics, new customers will come into your stores. After they drop off their old laptops, they will browse your store or pick up your business card.

Recycling e-waste is good for your business bottom line in reducing trash costs and boosting your company’s reputation in the community.