Second Teenager Arrested For TalkTalk Hack

Earlier this week we heard that a 15 year old boy in Northern Ireland had been arrested in relation to theTalkTalk hack and now a second teenager has been arrested. The Metropolitan Police have announced that they have arrested a 16 year old boy at an address in Feltham under the Computer Misuse Act. The […]

Wink Bug Designed To Teach Programming And Robotics

Plum Geek has created a new tiny yet cute little robot bug that has been created to provide an easy introduction into programming and robotics. Wink allows anyone that is interested to be able to program the Arduino-based STEM education device using the well known Scratch graphical style programming system, which is used in many […]

Nasa Maps Sand Dunes on Mars

A new image from Nasa’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter shows a resistant and highly fractured surface among sand dunes on the red planet. The High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE) camera aboard Nasa’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter often takes images of Martian sand dunes to study the mobile soils. These images provide information about erosion and movement […]

Nasa, Israel Ink Space Cooperation Agreement

Nasa and the Israel Space Agency signed an agreement Tuesday to expand cooperation in civil space activities, the Israeli government said. The deal was signed by Nasa administrator Charles Bolden and ISA director Menachem Kidron on the sidelines of the International Astronautical Congress in Jerusalem. Bolden said the agreement would enable the US space agency […]

Martian Pebbles Travelled 50 Kilometres Down a Riverbed

While the world celebrates the signs of flowing water on Mars, researchers estimate that the Martian pebbles travelled roughly 50 km from their source, supporting the idea that Mars once had an extensive river system and conditions that could harbour life. Douglas Jerolmack, geophysicist at University of Pennsylvania, and his collaborator Gabor Domokos have devised […]